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Sep 24
Foundations of Leadership Part 2: Practice and Presence

Focusing on the practical realities of mentoring Supervised Ministry placement clergy, and on the roles and responsibilities of Interim Ministers, this 4 day course is a hands-on learning experience. You’ll work on mentoring, giving feedback, strategic planning and steering change. Bring your case studies and challenges into this safe and collaborative environment. This training is […]

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Oct 17
Smart Conflict: managing conflict wisely

Never had any conflict in your congregation? Of course not. We all know it happens daily but how do we deal with it skillful and effectively? When can it yield something helpful and when does it need a more serious intervention? Gain the skills to compassionately but effectively engage with conflict in a congregational setting. […]

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Oct 21
Sowing Promise: Leading in a Time of Turbulence

Leading in a Time of Turbulence is a retreat-based leadership program designed to provide a deep dive into the personal, spiritual and professional skills needed for ministry in our time. It takes seriously that leadership is a collective skill, and that good leaders build networks that allow them to mentor and support others, providing a […]

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Nov 3
Change the World! Organizing people for Change

Do you want to engage your neighbourhood or church community? Grow the public support for your issue or campaign? Empower your supporters, volunteers, and members to take more leadership around social change? In this one day training led by Organize BC, you’ll learn how to develop an effective campaign strategy and motivating story to bring […]

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Feb 18
Holistic Leadership for Missional Engagement with Tim Keel!

Too often mission and ministry get reduced to a search for easily adoptable models that promise immediate impact. How can leaders be aware of the subtler factors of how God works in a context and how a leader in uences a community? An experienced church planter and author, Tim Keel takes you deep into the […]

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Mar 11
The Inner Work of Holy Week

In partnership with the Spiritual Care Network, we are pleased to provide a deep and immerse experience to help you prepare for Holy Week! Featuring Janice MacLean of The Prayer Bench, this retreat helps you break open familiar scripture and see them the fresh light of Resurrection. Reconnect with your soul through discussion, prayer, and […]

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