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Oct 20
Holy Shift: Innovation and Our Story

What is the future of Church in the 21st century and how do we tell the story of our faith in this context? Holy Shift is a dynamic learning conference for congregation members, staff and clergy to share ideas, connect and dream about the unfolding of Spirit in their communities. Held in Parksville at Knox […]

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Nov 4
Transform Sunday morning: a creative worship workshop

Longing for time to get creative with your worship planning? Bring your team of program staff , worship associates, artists, musicians and other interested people to discover ways to enliven and deepen your congregation’s worship services. Based on presenter Marcia McFee’s book Think Like a Filmmaker, this conference will help you layer visual, auditory and […]

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Nov 6
Conversations from the Heart: EQI and Human Relations skills

Leading in congregations and communities of faith means you are “among the people”. Knowing your own emotional reactions and trigger points and being able to read people’s emotion cues and respond appropriately can greatly improve pastoral relationships and enhance your leadership effectiveness. This course is a deep dive into emotional intelligence and human relation skills. […]

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Nov 14
Adaptive Change: Leading through Challenge with Susan Beaumont

Have you have ever struggled with a problem that will not go away? The solutions may often seem obvious, such as the need for a new approach or tool, a different process, or better communication. Yet you seem to face unexpected resistance to these seemingly “obvious” fixes or the problem stubbornly persists. You may be […]

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Nov 15
Mission-focused Performance management with Susan Beaumont

At the heart of any faith community is mission, not tasks. Yet so often we aren’t sure how to tie the performance of staff and volunteers to mission instead of output. In this one day workshop get the tools and vision to lead staff and volunteers in a way that supports mission and generates excitement […]

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Jan 22
Leadership Foundations: Essential skills for leading congregations

Leading a congregation in these times means drawing on a diverse tool kit that helps you navigate change, deal with conflict and build the leadership capacity of your volunteers. This 4 day workshop will give you an executive tool kit for leading through changing times. Covering leadership models, generational theory, conflict management and team building, […]

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