God is at work in the world and the culture of leadership across BC Conference is shifting. These four video projects document the shift and highlight the positive impact our courageous, committed leaders are making in the church. Watch them all to be introduced to fellow “shifting” leaders and to get inspire (or re-inspired) to make the change you want to see in the world.

If you have questions or wish to be connected with anyone featured in these videos, please email communication@leadershiftbcc.ca

Place & Practice

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Are you looking for a new way to think about and do ministry? Consider doing ministry in the community, where good work is already happening. This six-part online video guide offers learned lessons, tips and tricks from two United Church ministers doing community-based ministry in Victoria, BC. Watch now.

New Form, Old Faith

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In 2015, a new yet ancient way of being church is emerging in The United Church of Canada. Peek into the experience of four leaders creating intentional Christian communities in British Columbia. Watch now.

Sing Your Joy

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When we open our minds – and our doors – to those around us, magic happens. This short film is an inspiring story about collaboration, curiosity and support for a group of young adults and their committed leaders. Full of hope and joy, this community’s story is perfect for Advent. Watch now.

Leadership Today

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What realities, challenges and practices allow today’s leaders to not only survive but thrive in the shifting church? Watch eight leaders from across British Columbia speak to their experiences. Watch now.