An online video guide for church leaders

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Are you looking for a new way to think about and do ministry?

Consider doing ministry in the community, where good work is already happening.

This is the premise of Place & Practice, an online video guide for church leaders.

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The six-part guide offers real experiences, learned lessons, tips and tricks experienced by two United Church ministers in Victoria, British Columbia.

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  • Offer to the community what the church does so uniquely: faith in real life.
  • Build relationships with people in your community who are already taking social action.
  • Leverage your common interests and share resources with your community.

LeaderShift has developed this online video guide — at no cost to subscribers — to reduce the isolation often experienced when leading a shifting church. We also hope it will inspire you!

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We have followed Rev. Beth Walker and Rev. Gail Miller for a few years as they co-minister Fairfield United using a community-based approach to their congregation’s ministry plan.

We hope you will consider Beth and Gail as your colleagues who share your vision for a community-based United Church. Because they want to share their experience with others doing the same thing!

Ways to use this video guide:

  • Use the six topics to learn new language to articulate and spread your vision with council, congregation members, people of the community, and partners like property developers and businesses.
  • Use the real-life experiences in these videos with your lay leaders to foster “community ambassadors” for your congregation and strengthen your congregation’s ministry situation.
  • Watch and listen at your own schedule, as many times as you need.

Watch Part I right now…

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The first video is all about investing in relationships. Watch it now to hear about the multitude of emotional, psychological and spiritual barriers facing Fairfield United and how Beth and Gail used persistent and committed acts to gain the community’s trust and relationship.

Watch all six parts…

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