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Congregation Workshops

Take your congregation from surviving to thriving with workshops that are designed to increase their skills and capacity! LeaderShift has on its roster great facilitators who can help nurture your congregation’s gifts and skills.

As part of this commitment to growing your capacity, LeaderShift will pay the fee for the facilitator to come and offer a one day training with your community. Your congregation will cover any other costs of the workshop such as food or travel for the facilitator. We encourage congregations to consider making the workshop free to attend!

The Theological Banquet with Rev Janet Gear

Wondering how your congregation understands it faith and how it shapes it mission and work in the world? In this fun and engaging workshop, explore the different understandings of faith in your congregation, and understand how the theologies that are at play in your community influence your mission, vision and actions as a community!

This workshop is perfect for congregations seeking to explore their faith, wanting to get some new material for planning for the future, and who are seeking to understand their community more deeply.

To book this workshop, us at