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On Site Consulting

Apply for On Site Support

If you are interested in applying to receive On Site Support services from LeaderShift, click here.

Apply to Become an On Site Consultant with LeaderShift

If you are interested in applying to become a contractor with LeaderShift, offering On Site Support services, click here.

Format and Rules


  • Open to all UCC communities of faith and congregations in the Pacific Mountain Region
  • Applicants can receive funding for one project/consultant per calendar year
  • Applicants can apply as often as needed however if we receive more applications than funds for the year, applicants who have not received funding previously will take priority
  • The consultant fund will cover up to $2000 of a consultant’s services.
  • If a community of faith or congregation wishes to use a consultant not on the list of contractors currently approved by LeaderShift, please contact Treena Duncan directly to explore that option. Priority will be given to contractors who can support non-lower Mainland presbyteries.
  • If you are interested in becoming a contractor for LeaderShift, please fill out the online form for contractors